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Hip surgeon

Dr Bayan specialise in the evaluation and treatment of various hip joint disorders including traumatic & sport injuries in addition to degenerative(wear and tear) and other disease conditions .He utilise various modalities of investigations e.g X-rays, Ultrasound scans , MRI, Or bone scans depending on the clinical need.
The treatment could be a non surgical (e.g physio rehabilitation, Medication, activity modifications) or the condition require surgical intervention.Our clinical practice is focused on hip reconstructive surgery.This encompasses hip preservation procedures including hip preservation surgery such as open surgical dislocation ,Osteotomies, fixations, as well as Hip replacement surgery.
Dr Bayan Has perfumed hundreds of hip replacement surgeries including primary and revision THJR(total hip joint replacement) in addition to hip resurfacing operations. A wide range of articulation surfaces are used including Metal ,Poly ethylene and ceramic surfaces in combinations with cemented and titanium non cemented implants.



quoteThank you so much for your kind, gentle, knowledgeable treatment. I feel very lucky to have fallen into such good hands
Lindsay, Auckland


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Consulting rooms
Shakespear Orthopaedic Institute,
209 Shakespeare Road
Milford, NorthShore

Visiting surgeon at:
Manly Medical Centre
58 Rawhiti Road, Whangaparaoa

Warkworth Medical Centre
11 Alnwick Street, Warkworth


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